The NFT may experience an evolution, what will it consist of?

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We have already brought you several articles about NFT. But now it is possible that something completely new will emerge that could take NFT as we know it a little further. Let’s take a look.

Non-fungible tokens

An NFT is a non-fungible token that has value and if someone owns it, they have proof of ownership. These tokens are written on the blockchain, so the proof of ownership is confirmed by all participants in the network. Immutable tokens are booming because they can store anything – music, a collector’s card, a profile picture and more. And they have an undeniable advantage – they are digital and eternal, so they won’t lose value through wear and tear.

Welcome help

Non-fungible tokens have been a great help to artists during the pandemic. Artists lost their livelihoods then, and the unalterable tokens gave them back the opportunity to earn a normal income and get back to normal life, at least to some extent. At the same time, perhaps unknowingly, they laid the foundations for the mainstream use of NFT. Nowadays, with the existence of blockchain games, NFT’s can take the form of in game items, from cars you can race to creatures you can train and sell. The possibilities are vast, and the potential for NFTs continues to expand.

KidEight’s EVOL Slidin’ NFT

A collaboration between Realm, a metaverse made up of customizable microworlds, and artist KidEight could be a game changer. Together they will strive for a fully interactive non-fungible token. This will give people the opportunity to see what the fusion of augmented reality, virtual reality and technological architecture will look like in a dynamic and interactive non-fungible tokens.

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