The metaverse can connect worlds, do you know this version of the future?


The term metaverse has been making a lot of noise lately. Although it can be beautiful and sound a bit mysterious, it is also necessary to know and understand its principle. Let’s take a look at it together.

The metaverse – virtual universe

Imagine the metaverse as a universe. Except this universe is online and 3D and combines several virtual spaces. These online virtual spaces allow you to do all sorts of things – work, go to a meeting, or play a game together with someone who lives on the other side of the planet. It’s a concept that doesn’t yet exist, so it’s not yet possible to imagine it as a Ready Player One version of virtual reality, but there are platforms that incorporate elements similar to the metaverse.

The in-game economy is a typical example. Game developers have really taken the virtual world to the next level by creating a virtual economy that works on its own. Many games today have their own viral currencies that operate independently of the real world, creating the opportunity to be part of the economy and learn something at the same time.

Connecting worlds

Cryptocurrencies and virtual currencies will come to mind for many of you when hearing the word the word virtual. While not necessary, of course, the metaverse can find virtual currencies very useful. I’m sure many of you will also think of blockchain. This is also a good idea. As you know, there are applications based on blockchain that can help people achieve passive income. That could easily be possible in this virtual world too. Due to the decentralized nature of the metaverse, it would be possible to actively work and earn money this way – from the comfort of your own home.

In the metaverse, you would control your avatar or character to represent you. So everything will be completely pseudonymous. Who you tell who you really are will be entirely up to you. Privacy will thus be at a high level in this respect. In addition, it is quite possible that the real world will be connected to the metaverse. It may be that you will be able to buy purchases, land and other things in the metaverse and receive them in the real world.

Nowadays, the big tech players are already trying to set the direction. The best known is Meta (formerly Facebook) with its vision of the metaverse.

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We can definitely say that the metaverse is the music of the future, but we are slowly heading into it. It is quite possible that in the future we will already be visiting our friends from far away countries in the virtual world and maybe even looking for jobs that way. But the question is whether this is a future that could make us feel like we are in the real world, or whether it will still be a thing where we go just to escape reality.


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