The Great Reset should take place in the year 2021

the great reset

You have already read about The Great Reset in our articles. According to Klaus Schwab, The Great Reset should take place in 2021.

Let’s take a look at what this may mean for our society and future.

Big change

In The Great Reset document we find the huge change described for the society. According to Klaus Schwab, the year 2021 should be historic, in positive meaning. But it depends on the individual’s point of view. The Great Reset should take place to build a new world that is not as material as the one we currently live in. The pandemic and the coronavirus were a dark hour before dawn, which almost took away our hope of seeing a new day, and after all that the pandemic caused, it is time to change and rebuild the whole system, according to Schwab.

New economic philosophy

Just as a new economic philosophy emerged after World War II, changes should now take place again that will move humanity to a better tomorrow. The Great Reset is based on three pillars on which the new society should be built. The idea is basically more focused on people and not on the system. First pillar is to bring the new pandemic under control. Second is that all governments should agree on zero CO2 emissions. Third is that companies pivot from a strictly short-term-profit orientation towards strategies focusing more on the long-term viability.

Uncertain future

This thesis sounds quite reasonable and interesting. But it is necessary to realize what such a system can entail. With the restructuring of the economy comes the restructuring of the financial system. And there are many other questions that remain unaswered yet. So no wonder that there are also opinions that The Great Reset will not be as  good as described. However, it is up to everyone to decide whether such a future will be acceptable for them.

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