The future world is a great unknown, but what direction might it take?

future world

The future world is a great unknown to us. Certainly many of us have wondered what the world might look like in a few decades. Whether the world will look like a fairy tale or whether we are heading towards an apocalyptic end. Which of these futures is more likely? Let’s take a look.

A future world full of sharing

Some possible visions of the future may include Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Such an AGI could connect us all. Not as connected as we are now, through our monitors and the internet, but connected so that we can experience the same sensations together. Whether it’s from a concert or even tasting food. These feelings will be transmitted directly to our brains through the BCI, or Brain-Computer Interface, which will connect our brains directly to the internet network around us.

This version of the future can unite us. The world would not be at war and humanity would be working together towards a common goal. It is quite possible that this goal would be saving the planet or finding other planets on which to settle. This future world would be full of sharing and experience with good intentions.

A future world full of control

Other possible visions are more akin to classic dystopian science fiction novels, where there is constant control of the population and people seem to be told or downright conditioned what to think as well. Some might argue that as humanity we are more likely to be heading towards this type of future and that there is no chance of us going in any other direction. Control of media, speech, movement and money is a scary enough idea. A central brain that controls everything in the world is certainly a vision that many of us do not want to see, never mind experience.

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So what will the future be like?

Visions of the future are mainly divided into utopian and dystopian, and it is quite possible that each of us has our own idea of the future world. But that is the great unknown and no one can yet say exactly which direction it will lead. It could be a sweet utopia or a hellish dystopia. But most likely it could be somewhere in between these two extreme visions, depending on each person, community, country, and era.

And how can you prepare for it?

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld came up with a concept of the “unknown known”. It is a bold concept that Rumsfeld defines as “the things that you think you know that it turns out you did not”. More distant future falls definitely in this category and so it takes thinking outside the box to prepare for what might come. Outside the box of traditional payment system regarding the protection of your assets against future turbulences. Should you like to learn more about one such option, you can contact us.


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