Technology of blockchain can give us the safety we need

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The world and technology are constantly accelerating. Recently, we were introduced to NFT, which has greatly challenged the imagination of the public and artists alike, offering a new way to bring art to the people. If we are indeed at the beginning of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and other things from crypto space, an important question arises – what about security? Let’s look at whether new technologies are able to offer security.

Blockchain technology

The history of cryptocurrencies dates back to 2009, when Bitcoin was created. Along with Bitcoin, the blockchain on which Bitcoin runs was created. A peer-to-peer network that is capable of conducting transactions without the involvement of third parties was a complete novelty and won the hearts of connoisseurs and gradually trickled down to other people until today, where we have many cryptocurrencies, altcoins, stablecoins and at the same time, a lot of potential and uses for blockchain technology.

Of course, everything has it’s pros and cons. Although the ability to transfer without an intermediary and the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies is highlighted as one of the biggest advantages, it also comes with many dangers that need to be protected against. From careful scrutiny of where you send your cryptocurrency to quality antivirus and the caution with which you read emails and download attachments.

There are two sides to everything

Although the human factor is to blame for many attacks and thefts in the crypto space, blockchain technology still has room to improve the security of its own network. However, it should be noted that many companies are already using blockchain these days to secure data and analyze it in real time. More companies are approaching this implementation at a meteoric pace, and many projects are also working on benefits for the general public. Blockchain is used also for CBDCs, the digital currencies of central banks. It is possible that in the future, blockchain technology will be almost everywhere.

You can try blockchain

If you haven’t come across this technology and would like to try working with it, our PlatonCoin also runs on blockchain and can show you how easy, fast and secure it is to use, for example in our app demo where you can try everything out.


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