Cryptocurrencies: Do you know, what are the 3 main types ?

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The cryptocurrencies have come a long way. We have witnessed an influx of cryptocurrencies designed for specific use cases. Some have gone ahead to make a mark in the budding crypto space, while others have had underwhelming and short stints in the market. Bitcoin It is common knowledge that Bitcoin is the first of its

Token economy: 4 substantial changes in the future of our society

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The token economy created by blockchain will encompass a larger domain than a sharing economy, and make the exchange of public goods such as money more flexible. If the current internet is the “Internet of Information,” where anyone can exchange information easily, almost free of charge, it is also easy for everyone to co-create blockchains

Stablecoins: from zero to 10 billion USD in 6 years

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The crypto space has generally been mixed lately, but one sector of the crypto space, the stablecoins industry, has been absolutely proliferating. Overall, the demand for these fiat-pegged tokens seems to be growing exponentially, and now the total market cap is well over USD 10 billion. This is particularly impressive considering that there was no

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