Is there a bubble on the market now that we should fear?

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The world has already experienced many bubbles. Randomly useless bonds in the 1980s, technology stocks in the 1990s, and housing around the year 2000. They are united by one feature, when they burst, they take the financial system with them. Let’s take a look if there is another bubble on the markets now. How to

What is the story behind GameStop and what can we learn from it?


If you’re keeping track with what’s going on around you, you certainly haven’t missed what happened to GameStop stocks recently. Have you thought about what exactly is behind this? Let’s take a look at what we can learn from this event. What actually happened? GameStop shares were valued at $ 17.69 per share, shooting up

Stocks are good investment, but cryptocurrencies are better


Stocks could be a very good investment tool, but anyone who is interested in the world of cryptocurrencies knows that cryptocurrencies can be a very good investment tool as well. Let’s take a look at how cryptocurrencies stand against stocks. Bitcoin has the potential for growth The influx of institutional investors means a big step