People at home are trying to invest and it can be dangerous

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Many people are currently at home and are trying to figure out the secrets of investing to make use of the extra time they have. Let’s take a look at how dangerous this investing can be. Dramatic increase Due to the pandemic and the fact that people have to stay at home, many people decided

Could we see the price of Bitcoin at around 60 000 USD until 2023?


Bitcoin (BTC) is really close to a massive adoption by the wider society. Is there a chance to see price of BTC at around 60 000 USD? We can see a correlation between the price of BTC and Apple Inc.’s stock prices back in 2008. Could this be a sign that the price of BTC

The stock market is the new Ponzi scheme – find out why

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The stock market is built on non-dividend paying companies and this is a real problem, according to financial expert Tan Lui. The idea that the stock market could be a Ponzi Scheme came from Tan Liu who wrote the book “The Ponzi Factor.” In an interview, he compares the creation of stocks to money printing.