Hot news: Kim Kardashian may have promoted a fraudulent token

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Key message: Kim Kardashian has promoted a cryptocurrency token that may put investors at risk. This has been pointed out by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Charles Randell, the chairman of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Payment Systems Regulator (PSR), highlighted this fact in a stern warning against cryptocurrency scams. Kim Kardashian and…

Can you spot a cryptocurrency scam ?

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If you hold any cryptocurrencies, you have certainly seen or even encountered an attempt of a scam. It’s interesting how such scams are often elaborate so that you can’t spot them at first glance. Or they directly target newbies who don’t have that much experience yet. Can you spot potential scams? Let’s take a look….

Safety is always important, what are the 5 signs of a scam?

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Safety is important in all aspects, whether it’s money, your house or apartment, or your investments. With cryptocurrencies, this is just as true. Once cryptocurrencies started to become more popular, scams started to keep up to match the same pace. Let’s take a look at how to spot a cryptocurrency scam. 1. Insufficient Information safety…

How important is financial literacy in the world of cryptocurrencies

financial literacy

Certainly many of us have completed some tutorial on financial literacy. And others just learned “on the go”. Either way, some level of financial literacy is crucial. Let’s take a look at how financial literacy affects the world of cryptocurrencies. Lack of financial literacy If you don’t know how to deal with finances, you go…

7 basic rules how to tell a scam project from a good investment in crypto


Thousands of cryptocurrencies are floating on the market at the moment, and tens more go live every day. The vast majority of them will be worthless in a few years, when the process of “natural selection” has taken its course, killing all those cryptocurrencies that didn’t serve any purpose or were plain scams. But how…

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