Banks may face a huge crisis because of commercial real estate


Banks may face a major downturn in the foreseable future. The reason is that banks own a big part of commercial real estate. Let’s take a look at what can happen in a few months. Real estate investment Before the pandemic, many people invested in real estate because, although such investments are a bit lengthy,

Renting or selling a virtual land? Now it is possible!

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If you own a plot of land or a house and plan to sell it in the future, this could be an interesting opportunity for you to broaden your horizons. Let’s take a look at how to make money by selling and renting property in virtual reality. Known for many years Virtual realities are nothing

What would the world of realities look like if it were on a blockchain

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Blockchain has a wide range of uses. In recent years, blockchain has been used in a number of industries. There is one industry where it has many uses – real estates. Let’s see how the world of real estate would change with the introduction of blockchain. No more third party If you have ever bought

Inflation: The silent thief of your money from your accounts

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Inflation spurs growth, at least according to the theory. Let us examine the theory in further detail. The theory goes something like this: Since savers realize the value of their money will erode, they spend more quickly thus stimulating the economy. If we believe tomorrow brings higher prices, we buy today. Basically, we spend before

Impact of COVID-19 on real estate market

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One of the markets that was negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is the real estate market. When we talk about real estate, we do not mean only the housing market, but also offices, industrial-logistics, retail and accommodation markets. Housing market Predicting the development of this sector is more complex than it seems at first