Top 5 predictions for the world of cryptocurrencies for 2021


What are the 5 predictions for the cryptocurrency markets for the year 2021 and are they starting to fulfill? Let’s take a look at 5 most common predictions about cryptocurrencies for 2021. 1. Technology and investor numbers will grow Among other things, the year 2020 was marked by a higher participation of institutional investors. This

The path of the Bitcoin is impressive – but can it make you rich?


Watching the path of Bitcoin is amazing. The places it managed to go during its short existence and what possibilities and prospects it gave to us. But is it still possible to become fabulously rich thanks to Bitcoin? Let’s take a look if Bitcoin can still make you a millionaire. Is it possible to get

Financial crisis can come at any time, you need to be prepared

the financial crisis

Financial crisis can come at any time for each of us. Being able to manage own finances is an important trait that can be learned. Let’s take a look at what to you need to do when handling finances. Financial literacy is important People, who manage their finances themselves, can sometimes be a little lost

We live in a future predicted 10 years ago

future, bubble

Surely you have sometimes wondered why we live in such times and how can future be predicted. Our present times were predicted 10 years ago. Let’s take a look at how it is possible to predict what will happen in the future. Every 50 years In 2010, Nature, science magazine, published an opinion on how

Platon Life: rich ecosystem you can trust

Platon Life

Today we will talk more about the Platon Life ecosystem and what it can bring to your life. Let’s take a look at what Platon Life is and how it can change your life. What is Platon Life Platon Life is an ecosystem that forms a community. Through the educational program, we will offer a