Ever wonder where all the printed money ends up?

cash, printed money

Even if you know just a litte about how our economy works, you might wonder where all the printed money actually ends up. During the pandemic, we brought you articles about how governments are printing money to make up for losses, but where is the printed money actually going? Let’s take a look at that….

Inflation is rising fast, but what causes it and how can we protect ourselves?


Inflation hits us every day and it makes money disappear from our accounts. Prices keep rising and it has a big impact on everyone, especially individuals and families on lower incomes. This July alone, inflation in the Czech Republic reached 3.4%. Is there any way to fight inflation? Let’s take a look at it Reasons…

Geographical footprint: 3 main trends for the post pandemic times

geographic, week 33, daily

Every business has a geographical footprint. Every business has also been affected by the pandemic. However, as time passes, the pandemic will probably come to an end and it is an important time for companies to decide which way forward. There are several aspects that can be said about the future of businesses. Let’s take…

The idea behind Great Reset may be older than you think

reset, seminar, idea

We have already brought you several articles about the Great Reset. But we have never looked at how this idea actually came about and how long it has been around. Although it may not seem like it, the idea of the Great Reset has been with us for several years. So let’s take a look…

What can inflation tell us about return to normal after pandemic?

inflation, decentralized

Inflation can tell us many things. On the other hand, it cannot give us the big picture. There are other indicators to look at. One such thing that inflation cannot tell us is, when will the world return to normality or if there is going to be a new normality instead. Let’s look at the…

Financial crisis could last until 2030 – why?

Debts, financial crisis

You probably know that we are currently in a time of a global financial downturn, or else, financial crisis. The truth is, however, that this crisis was not entirely caused by the pandemic, but long term circumstances led to it. The pandemic only accelerated everything. Let’s look at why the crisis should have been expected….

The pandemic is still in a full swing, but what will happen after it? Part 2

blockchain, pandemic, Nascar

This is a second part of our article about what will happen when the pandemic is over. Let’s take look at some more possible scenarios in the post-pandemic world. You can read the first part here. Possible forms of digital tracking The pandemic has shown us that being prepared is a necessity, and old plans…

The pandemic is still in a full swing, but what will happen after it? Part 1

pandemic, lightning

The pandemic is still in a full swing, and while it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, it will eventually be over. So the question is, what’s next? What will the world look like after the pandemic? Will it be better or worse? Will humanity learn or will it still go in the same…

A fairer world after a pandemic? There are promises, but can they be carried out?

fairer market, processor

Do you also hope for a fairer and more sustainable world? It doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The Great Reset builds its presentation on these words. Let’s take a look at where the hook might be. Like a chess game The pandemic showed us many things. Last but not least, it confirmed that governments…

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies – what is the real driving force?

demand, uniswap

Surely each of you knows that a blockchain is needed for cryptocurrencies to work. But blockchain has many uses beyond cryptocurrencies. Have you ever thought about what is the real driving force for cryptocurrencies? Yes, it goes far beyond blockchain. Let’s take a look at the main topics that drive the use of cryptocurrencies and…

The biggest mistake of 2020 was to rely on state for help

state, week 09, problems

According to an economist the recent events have shown that relying on the state for help was the biggest mistake one could make in 2020. Let’s take a look at how states have managed to undermine people’s trust. Closing and opening the economy Last year was also a huge test for states and governments due…

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