Basic financial literacy, part 1: What is money? Two types of money

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What is money? Money rules the world today, that is an indisputable fact. Money, money and money again. We either own money or we spend our whole lives wasting it. But what exactly is money and how is it created? Two types of money Every modern economy is based on money with so-called forced circulation,

Central banks have an interesting history


Central banks are the cornerstone of our times. They have not been around since the beginning of time (it seems), but have entered our history relatively recently. How central banks came to be, however, is an interesting insight into history. Let’s take a look at selected time periods of their history. Charles I. As an

Feelings of financial insecurity can be alleviated, how?

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Many people nowadays live in financial insecurity for various reasons. A pandemic, a lack of financial literacy, an inability to save, a down payment, or anything else could be to blame. However, the important news is that there is a tool that can alleviate this uncertainty. Digital currency vs. fiat currency One of the main

Jordan B. Peterson: breakthrough into the Bitcoin world, part 2

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This is second part of Jordan B. Peterson’s podcast about Bitcoin. Now let’s take a look at the rest of the podcast. Tip: You can find the first part of the podcast here. We already have money The podcast also discussed US dollars. Richard James took the floor and admitted that the US dollar does

Jordan Peterson: breakthrough into the Bitcoin world, part 1

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Jordan B. Peterson is a Canadian psychologist, who is known for his podcasts on various topics. He always manages to put himself into the conversation with his guest, which is why his interviews are exceptional. Recently, he invited 4 guests for an interview around Bitcoin. Let’s take a closer look. What is money? Jordan B.

What are power tokens, how can you spot them and what can you do

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Everything is a token. In the global sense, the relationship is financial. This is a relationship between government and state, as well as between state and individual. Why? Because this relationship is circular-linear, it is between the abstract and the real world. Like zeros and ones. Why? Because the world we live in is tokenized.

Hot news: The BIS has fully supported the development of digital currencies

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Key message: the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has fully supported the development of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), saying they are essential for modernising finance and ensuring that “big technology” does not take control of money. BIS and CBDCs Central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, are fully digitized forms of their fiat counterparts. Led

Could cryptocurrencies be regulated or stopped?

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Around the world, regulators are trying to regulate Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The reasons are mainly volatility, risk reduction and investor protection. This topic has been discussed for quite some time. But is it possible to ban cryptocurrencies ? Let’s take a look at whether and how they can be regulated. Cryptocurrencies as conventional finance Recently,

The concept of cryptocurrencies is different, but it can give us a different perspective

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Bitcoin has its own concept. One that is incompatible with today’s financial system, and because of this, it is possible to hear completely different opinions about Bitcoin and the financial system that needs to take the next step in its evolution. Let’s take a closer look at Bitcoin and its concept. The concept of money

Money needs to evolve like everything else, what is its possible future?

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Money, like everything, evolves over time, and today, more than ever, it is clear that money needs to be transformed into a new form that meets the demands and needs of modern times. Let take a look at what form money could take. Central bank digital currency At the moment, we have money divided into

Fed is taking extreme steps, should we be aware?

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The Fed is taking extreme steps at the moment and its current strategy is out of anything considered normal in the books. Other central banks follow the lead and thus it may be necessary to prepare for the future. Let’s take a look at what tactics the Federal Reserve is taking and what to prepare

What can inflation tell us about return to normal after pandemic?

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Inflation can tell us many things. On the other hand, it cannot give us the big picture. There are other indicators to look at. One such thing that inflation cannot tell us is, when will the world return to normality or if there is going to be a new normality instead. Let’s look at the