A future like George Orwell’s 1984?


Those of you who read the book 1984 by George Orwell, must have wondered if it was possible that a similar future awaited us. It may be possible. Let’s take a look at what can await us in the future. The Great Reset, reset of everything We have already written about the The Great Reset.

The quality of money is important, but do we have the quality we deserve?

quality, week 03

The quality of money is important. We use them daily, but are they really the best option we can use to pay the bills? Let’s take a look at if there is any better way to own and use money. Hierarchy of money The reasons why the monetary system is closer to socialism rather than

Do you know the financial system had already collapsed?

financial system

It’s hard to believe, but yes. The financial system, that we know, have already collapsed and never recovered back. Let’s take a look at what happened. Earlier than you think It all started in 2000, with the promise that every American will own a house and with mortgages with very low requirements for loan approval.

Money of the future is shaped by today’s actions

money, future, week 50

Money is something that many people use every day. Have you ever wondered how money will work in a few years? Where will the world and society develop? Let’s take a look at what the future could hold for us. A pandemic will change the way you look at money This year, the world has

Financial system has shortcomings, but they can be fatal

financial system, week 04

Current financial system and cryptocurrencies. If you are interested more deeply in this topic, you certainly know the differences between them. But could you put together the biggest shortcomings of the current financial system? Let’s take a look at what the current financial system is faulty in. The gold standard was far too good –

Digital currency for everyone? Wait…

digital currency, week 48

The Fed in its paper reveals the preparation for the delivery of a digital currency for every American. Let’s take a look at what the Fed is up to. Money is not where it is needed There are many things behind the decision to rework the Fed’s monetary policy and develop the digital currency. The

How is inflation affecting the the world of cryptocurrencies

inflation crypto

Inflation, a word so familiar to us and associated with a currency we have always known. But did you know that inflation is very often used in connotation with cryptocurrencies? Let’s take a look at how it affects the traditional and token monetary system. A little repetition and something extra We know the term inflation

We have a fully digital world, minus one thing

digital world

We are living in a digital world. Let’s be honest, can you imagine your life without the internet? Probably not. But I have a question for you. Do we have digital equivalents for everything? Let’s take a look and see if we can achieve this goal. Benefits of a digital world The benefits of a

Banknotes and fiat versus cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin – which is better


It is hard to decide the battle. One praises banknotes and fiat and the other one is praising cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Let’s take a look at the comparison between them and what type of currency has advantages. Properties of money Money serves two main purposes. It is a store of value and means of exchnage.

Our economy and lives will be influenced by these 8 factors

factor, economy, week 44

There are now 8 main factors, that will influence the economy and its development in the future. Problem is that we don’t know what kind of impact that will be. Let’s take a look at these situations. The problem of three bodies If you’ve ever studied math and physics a little in depth, then you

Value: A story about how money is gradually loosing it

value, inflation, week 46

Many of us have money in a bank account, savings account, wallet, or maybe under a pillow. But did you know that this money can lose value? Let’s take a look on what inflation is and how it works. Definition of inflation In general, inflation is defined as an increase in the general price level