Hot news: India has seen a huge surge in crypto investors from smaller cities


Key message: India is seeing a rise in number of crypto investors in smaller cities. Data from crypto exchanges operating in the country show that the surge is not just in the interest in bitcoin, but also other digital assets. The exchange WazirX, for example, says it has seen a 2,648% increase in registrations from

Hot news: HODLing behavior among long-term investors in BTC is growing

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Key message: HODLing behavior is growing, long-term holders don’t want to sell their bitcoins. This is according to the latest data from analytics platform Glassnode. These are mostly investors who hold their coins for more than a year. But according to Glassnode, anyone who holds coins for more than 155 days is a long-term holder.

Top 5 tips for new crypto investors

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Taking the plunge and entering the cryptocurrency sphere is a risk for anyone, with or without investment experience. Here are the basic tips on how to succeed when making your first crypto investment. 1. Research You’ll make better investment choices when you understand what you’re getting yourself into. Even though cryptocurrencies offer a unique investment