Is it possible that the price of Bitcoin will climb to 100,000 USD?

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The price of Bitcoin has fallen unexpectedly this year, but Bitcoin is recovering and its price continues to rise. We are now at around $ 12,000. Let’s see if it’s possible that the price of Bitcoin could reach around $ 100,000. Correlation with markets Traditional markets still affect the price of cryptocurrencies. Higher correlations with

How to manage your cryptoinvestments: Top 5 tips


Many people are now interested in cryptoinvestments. The cryptomarket was bleeding due to a pandemic and quarantine. As well as the portfolios of many people who invest. If you’re also on this side, what you should do to get “back in the saddle”? How to manage your cryptoinvestments Of course, the goal is to be

4 possible scenarios of the future economic development

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The pandemic has affected many economic sectors. However, on the other hand, it has opened up new opportunities for investment. What can we expect from the future development? 4 basic scenarios are possible. Opportunities for investment have opened up, for example, in the field of online entertainment. But many people see an opportunity to invest

Generation decides about investments into either Bitcoin or gold

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It seems that investment decisions depend very much on the generation, or else when the investor was born. Gold and Bitcoins are a popular choice for both older and younger investors. Price increases Prices of both asset classes, Bitcoin and gold, are rising. This is despite the coronavirus crisis. Investors are looking at both assets