Warren Buffett: Prices are rising, people are saving up money, but will it be enough?

money, inflation

Money is an important part of our lives. The economy has experienced a major rebound in the recovery and prices are rising more and more. Inflation continues to cause large increases in price and society continues to be hit by the pressure of it all. Let’s take a look at why prices are rising and

Financial crisis could last until 2030 – why?

Debts, financial crisis

You probably know that we are currently in a time of a global financial downturn, or else, financial crisis. The truth is, however, that this crisis was not entirely caused by the pandemic, but long term circumstances led to it. The pandemic only accelerated everything. Let’s look at why the crisis should have been expected.

Passive investment could be better than the active, but harder, too


Investing can be difficult and risky. The same sentiment, perhaps even more so, applies to passive investing. If you are investing, you may have heard of this type of investment. So let’s look at what secrets this type of investment hides. Why it matters There is ample evidence that passive investment almost always outperforms the

First crypto company was listed on Nasdaq, what it means for us?

nasdaq Coinbase

It’s quite possible that you’ve heard of Coinbase being listed on Nasdaq publicly. It is the first crypto company in history to be listed there. Let’s take a look at what this may mean for the crypto-community in the future. Why it matters Coinbase shares traded $30 billion in a single day. For comparison: the

Purchasing power: why you should watch it and what it can tell you

purchasing power

Monitoring the purchasing power of money is important. Let’s take a look at what is monitored through the power of money. Why it matters We monitor the value of money by purchasing power over time. As a result, we get inflation or deflation, which we then express as a percentage. Purchasing power therefore needs to

Predicting a future could be tricky, but there is still useful information


Predicting the future has always been a popular pastime to some extent. Mainly because it is possible to unleash the imagination and be able to imagine the direction in which the world could go under certain circumstances. Can you imagine where our world could be in 20 years? Let’s look at where the world might

Bitcoin is ahead of gold, is there still time to invest?


Bitcoin and gold, two assets that people invest in looking for security against inflation. If you’re investing in Bitcoin, you’ve probably heard of it as a digital gold. But the truth is that Bitcoin is well ahead of gold. How is it possible? Let’s take a look at how Bitcoin and gold are doing. Why

Inflation could be very intimidating, is there a way to get ready for it?


Investment and inflation, two “popular” words you can hear very often these days. Investing is putting money in something that increases in value over time. Land or houses can be such an investment. You can clearly see what happened to their price due to inflation. The apartment that you could have bought years ago for

NFT is a good opportunity to invest, but is it worth it?

digital currencies, NFT

The NFT has been experiencing a big boom lately. Due to their growing popularity during 2020, it could be expected that their popularity will continue to increase. Let’s take a look at how non-fungible tokens can change the world of art and games. Why it matters The NFTs, especially during the pandemic, have grown a

Not only American economy needs help

Fed, economy, US

The US economy is in dire need of help. US President Joe Biden and the Democrats will push for a $3 trillion infrastructure bill. Let’s take a look at what this could mean not only for the American economy. Why it matters The US economy, like every other economy in the world, suffered huge damaging

Is there a possibility that the market is rigged? Here’s what Americans think!


Many people in America think that the financial market is rigged. What does this mean for them and how would this affect them? Does it mean anything for the future? Let’s take a look at how Americans perceive this possible scenario. Why it matters The recession that is currently taking place on the market is

Food prices have been rising for a long time, what it could mean for our future?

food prices, week 17

Food prices have been rising for a long time and it seems that this growth is not over yet. Let’s take a look at how the food market will develop and what the consequences could be for our future. Why it matters Food prices have been rising for many years. However, the sudden sharp rise