New scandal of the largest banks: their shares are falling

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Large banks have been caught in a money laundering scandal. Criminals were allowed to launder money between years 1999 – 2017 to the amount of almost $2 trillion through these banks. Let’s take a look at what this could mean for cryptocurrencies and what we should learn from this situation. 18 years of laundering money

10 tips on how to properly set strategy for cryptoinvestments


Have you ever thought about your investment strategy and what will you do when you earn enough money and want to exit the market? Let’s take a look at what is important in your investment strategy, so that you don’t unnecessarily lose your money. Options There are many ways to enjoy your money. Surely each

The stock market is the new Ponzi scheme – find out why

Ponzi, stock market

The stock market is built on non-dividend paying companies and this is a real problem, according to financial expert Tan Lui. The idea that the stock market could be a Ponzi Scheme came from Tan Liu who wrote the book “The Ponzi Factor.” In an interview, he compares the creation of stocks to money printing.

3 basic strategies for trading cryptocurrencies, find out which one suits you

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There are a variety of ways to approach trading cryptocurrency, and these strategies can range from being simple to very complex. 1. Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis is one of the most popular trading strategies that investors use in traditional markets such as stocks. The idea behind fundamental analysis it to find assets that are undervalued

Inflation: The silent thief of your money from your accounts

inflation, money

Inflation spurs growth, at least according to the theory. Let us examine the theory in further detail. The theory goes something like this: Since savers realize the value of their money will erode, they spend more quickly thus stimulating the economy. If we believe tomorrow brings higher prices, we buy today. Basically, we spend before

Billionaire: Bitcoin is a ‘bet against the ruling class’

Bitcoin, billionaire

The Canadian-American billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya called bitcoin insurance against a potential economic catastrophe. Speaking in an interview on the Unchained Podcast, Palihapitiya recommended investors allocate 1% of their portfolio to Bitcoin as a hedge against a greater financial collapse. Palihapitiya, founder and chief executive officer of the venture capitalist firm Social Capital, warned against governments

Coronavirus revealed holes in traditional financial systems, what will fill them up?

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The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns to contain the disease have created an unprecedented economic scenario. Central banks around the world, led by the U.S. Federal Reserve, have pumped unprecedented stimulus measures into the system in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, far outpacing the response to the 2008 global financial crisis and adding trillions

Globalization and financialization are dead, what will be the next big thing?

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The drivers of the past 75 years of growth – globalization and financialization – are dead, and so is everything that depended on them for growth. Here’s what’s poorly understood: globalization and financialization die when they stop expanding. Just as a shark dies if it stops swimming forward, globalization and financialization die once they stop expanding, because

Renato Rodríguez: Paper money will cease to exist in 2 decades

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Renato Rodríguez, an expert businessman in economics and mathematics specializing in crypto economics for more than 10 years, explains the importance of crypto in today’s world. The digital economy has evolved since its inception ten years ago. Digital assets function as money and move stably within the financial market. In addition, there are digital wallets

Top 5 tips for new crypto investors

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Taking the plunge and entering the cryptocurrency sphere is a risk for anyone, with or without investment experience. Here are the basic tips on how to succeed when making your first crypto investment. 1. Research You’ll make better investment choices when you understand what you’re getting yourself into. Even though cryptocurrencies offer a unique investment

Monetary reforms in history and is one ahead of us now?


Monetary reforms are not a new idea. In fact, there were quite a lot of such reforms already carried out in the history. So why it should interest us? Monetary reforms were historically used when national economies reached a state of no return – were highly idebted and there was very little left that governments

Safe haven for investors called gold


The past quarter caused investors to become uncertain about the allocation of money in the stock markets. This uncertainty stemmed from the unpredictability of COVID-19. The biggest extremes were also recorded in the gold markets in March 2020, where there was a historic drop in prices in one week, but then prices attacked higher highs than during the period of economic crisis in 2008.

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