Evolution is natural – even for the internet


Evolution is as old as humanity itself. It even existed before humanity. The same goes for technology. Since you are now reading this article thanks to the internet, have you ever thought about where it will develop? Let’s take a look at where the internet could evolve. Let’s dig into the history What exactly is

You don’t need Internet connection to trade crypto, now you can have satellite

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Each of us, who trades cryptocurrencies, felt the need to be constantly connected to the Internet. Unfortunately, there is no other way to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Or is there? Let’s take a look at what innovation awaited the people of Venezuela. Satellite node Startup Cryptobuyer announced the successful launch of the first satellite node

We have a fully digital world, minus one thing

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We are living in a digital world. Let’s be honest, can you imagine your life without the internet? Probably not. But I have a question for you. Do we have digital equivalents for everything? Let’s take a look and see if we can achieve this goal. Benefits of a digital world The benefits of a

How could the Internet eliminate its current dangers with the help of blockchain?

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We all use the Internet, you are reading this article thanks to it right now. But have you ever wondered if there is any way to improve the Internet? Currently, if you want to visit a website, you need to enter its URL which redirects you to the addressed content on the server and in

Blockchain is evolving like the internet: what will be the new killer app?


The internet started its life over 30 years ago, and since then, it has penetrated almost every aspect of our lives. Today, it underpins virtually everything we do. The next technology evolution that is likely to have a great impact on all our lives is blockchain. Skeptics keep asking the same questions over and over