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Stagflation: what it is, what can we do about it

Josef Stredula, the head of the trade unions, expressed his concern, warning of stagflation in connection with the Czech National Bank’s policy and government cuts. He is not the only one. The term from economics textbooks has recently reappeared in the Czech and foreign public space. Tip: Inflation and stagflation – Find out what is…

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Inflation, stagflation, quantitative easing, interest rates

Inflation and stagflation Let us first briefly explain what inflation and stagflation are. Inflation occurs when a national currency loses value and prices rise. Depreciation occurs as a result of the release of large amounts of unbacked money into circulation. Stagflation then means that inflation has occurred, but at the same time, the economy has…

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Is it still worth saving up a financial reserve?

If you’re used to saving money, unfortunately it’s probably no longer the best form of creating a financial reserve. The reason for this is inflation, which is slowly but surely devaluing the purchasing power of assets. If you have saved up a sum of money, it is definitely no longer a good idea keeping it…

china, DCEP

China controls food prices, but what’s really behind it?

China, even after high inflation and the collapse of the Lehman Bank, is introducing price controls, approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and 11 ministries, including the Ministry of Finance. China attaches great importance to controlling the price of basic groceries. Let’s take a look at it. Price control, why? Prices are prone…

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