Hot news: Big banks object to new rules


Key message: Big banks like JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank are opposing new rules where they would have to set aside $1 of capital for every $1 held in cryptocurrency. The rules were proposed in June by a group of global central bankers and regulators, also known as the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS).

Hot news: National Bank of Ukraine to support development of crypto industry

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Key message: The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has decided to support the development of the crypto industry after the adoption of the law on cryptocurrencies. Thus, on September 13, the bank issued an official statement on the basic principles of monetary policy for the coming year. In this statement, it pays special attention to

Hot news: India has seen a huge surge in crypto investors from smaller cities


Key message: India is seeing a rise in number of crypto investors in smaller cities. Data from crypto exchanges operating in the country show that the surge is not just in the interest in bitcoin, but also other digital assets. The exchange WazirX, for example, says it has seen a 2,648% increase in registrations from

Hot news: PayPal allowed UK residents to buy, sell and hold BTC, ETH, BCH a LTC

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Key message: PayPal has expanded its services and for UK customers this means they can buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies directly from their accounts. The company made the announcement on Twitter on Friday. This is the first international expansion. PayPal and service expansion Customers will be able to sell, hold and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin

Hot news: Short-term bitcoin supply drops to 2015 levels

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Key message: The short-term supply of bitcoins, which are coins that have been spent, or changed hands, is shrinking. It is even falling to 2015 levels. That’s according to a report from Arcane Research.  Supply as in 2015 Short-term supply depends on the analyst’s definition, but it is usually a period of 1 to 3

Hot news: ASMR as NFT, or “Free Like a Butterfly” by xtingles

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Key message: If you’re a fan of ASMR, you’ll be pleased to hear this. The mobile platform xtingles has announced its first ASMR NFT drop called “Free Like a Butterfly”. This drop will be launched for the first time on September 16, 2021 and the dedicated xtingles NFT marketplace will be launched on the same

Hot news: HODLing behavior among long-term investors in BTC is growing

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Key message: HODLing behavior is growing, long-term holders don’t want to sell their bitcoins. This is according to the latest data from analytics platform Glassnode. These are mostly investors who hold their coins for more than a year. But according to Glassnode, anyone who holds coins for more than 155 days is a long-term holder.

Hot news: Salvadoran government exempts foreign investors in cryptocurrencies from profit tax

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Key message: According to the Salvadoran government, foreign investors in El Salvador will be exempt from profit tax from BTC, said Javier Argueta, the legal advisor to the Salvadoran government. This is a development to further encourage entrepreneurs and investors to enter the country. Profit tax So if a foreign investor owns Bitcoin and makes

Hot news: NASCAR has its own NFTs on its own marketplace now

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Key message: NASCAR, the world-famous auto racing company jumps into the world of NFTs and launched also its very own NFT marketplace, along with thousands of free commemorative NFTs.  NASCAR and NFTs NASCAR, one of the world’s leading auto racing and operating companies, is known for its extensive relationship with collectibles and NASCAR fans are

Hot news: Bakkt says nearly 50% of Americans have invested in cryptocurrencies

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Key message: Bakkt, a derivative crypto exchange and digital asset management platform, said that in a survey of more than 2,000 consumers, a total of 48% said they had invested in cryptocurrencies in the first half of 2021. According to the company, the survey looked beyond motivations, habits and sentiment regarding cryptocurrency adoption. Bakkt’s survey

Hot news: Kim Kardashian may have promoted a fraudulent token

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Key message: Kim Kardashian has promoted a cryptocurrency token that may put investors at risk. This has been pointed out by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Charles Randell, the chairman of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Payment Systems Regulator (PSR), highlighted this fact in a stern warning against cryptocurrency scams. Kim Kardashian and

Hot news: Panama announces the start of the road to free use of cryptocurrencies


Key message: In addition to El Salvador, Panama has announced its journey towards the free use of cryptocurrencies. The Central American country’s government on Monday unveiled a bill to regulate cryptocurrencies. The proposal aims to make the country “compatible with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the internet.” Panama and cryptocurrencies The news was announced on Twitter by