What you need to know about the monetary system – Part 1 History

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The monetary system we live in can seem very complex. This is understandable as it has evolved over many years and there are many things that can confuse people. So let’s take a look at what you need to know about the monetary system. The gold standard The gold standard was a way of expressing

Central banks have an interesting history


Central banks are the cornerstone of our times. They have not been around since the beginning of time (it seems), but have entered our history relatively recently. How central banks came to be, however, is an interesting insight into history. Let’s take a look at selected time periods of their history. Charles I. As an

Digital currencies have a history too, and you should know it

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When you invest in something, digital currencies for an example, it’s definitely a good idea to know the history of that asset. The history of these assets will tell you whether it is a scam or an asset in which you can invest without fear. But let’s take a look how digital currencies came into

Evolution is natural – even for the internet


Evolution is as old as humanity itself. It even existed before humanity. The same goes for technology. Since you are now reading this article thanks to the internet, have you ever thought about where it will develop? Let’s take a look at where the internet could evolve. Let’s dig into the history What exactly is

We should learn from our history so that we can improve the future

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We know the history of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was born in 2008 as a response to the financial crisis. Since then more and more people have found their way to cryptocurrencies. Let’s see how cryptocurrencies could shape the future world. The current financial system is great, but only for someone The origin of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Is it possible that the price of Bitcoin will climb to 100,000 USD?

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The price of Bitcoin has fallen unexpectedly this year, but Bitcoin is recovering and its price continues to rise. We are now at around $ 12,000. Let’s see if it’s possible that the price of Bitcoin could reach around $ 100,000. Correlation with markets Traditional markets still affect the price of cryptocurrencies. Higher correlations with