Peter Schiff explained, why Bitcoin is no match for gold

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Gold bug Peter Schiff explained on his Twitter why investors are currently looking at Bitcoin rather than gold. However, his opinion is still the same – Bitcoin is no match for gold. Let’s take a look why Peter Schiff has this opinion. Accepted with skepticism Peter Schiff is a well-known critic of Bitcoin and many

Gold is rising, why are investors investing in it?

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Surely you have noticed that the price of gold has risen sharply. But have you thought about why? Let’s take a look at why the price of gold is rising like this. The third peak since 1971 If you’ve ever invested in gold, you know it doesn’t pay any interest. However, at a time of

Will fiat money cease to exist in one genenration?

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Although people do not see this development yet, fiat money will probably not survive the next generation and will be replaced by some form of digital currency. Let’s see if and how this scenario is possible. More and more people believe in digital currencies Recently, more and more people are inclined to claim that in

If stagflation is coming, how can digital currencies help?

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There is a growing fear of stagflation in the world, and many investors are turning their attention to Bitcoin and other digital currencies. It has been said many times that coronavirus has huge impacts on the global economy, and states are making every effort to mitigate the effects. Some attempts work better than others. Unfortunately,

Generation decides about investments into either Bitcoin or gold

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It seems that investment decisions depend very much on the generation, or else when the investor was born. Gold and Bitcoins are a popular choice for both older and younger investors. Price increases Prices of both asset classes, Bitcoin and gold, are rising. This is despite the coronavirus crisis. Investors are looking at both assets

What is behind the rally in gold, silver and Bitcoin?

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The current rally gold, silver and Bitcoin may be related to the money printing from the Fed. Let’s see how it can relate to each other and what can we learn from it. Growing correlation On the same day that the price of gold rose to USD 2,055, the price of BTC climbed to USD

In pandemic gold and Bitcoin are strengthening, USD is weakening

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Gold and Bitcoin are getting stronger. Both turned out to be some of the best assets in 2020. The dollar, on the other hand, is weakening. Bitcoin is currently hovering around $ 10,300, gold is still growing and the USD is more bearish. The most powerful asset Gold is one of the most powerful assets

83 tons of fake gold bars used to secure USD 2 billion loans in China

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The gold industry has been shaken after it was discovered that 83 tons of fake gold bars have been used as collateral for loans worth 20 billion yuan from 14 financial institutions to a major gold jewelry manufacturer in Wuhan, China. This amount of gold “would be equivalent to 22% of China’s annual gold production

Monetary reforms in history and is one ahead of us now?


Monetary reforms are not a new idea. In fact, there were quite a lot of such reforms already carried out in the history. So why it should interest us? Monetary reforms were historically used when national economies reached a state of no return – were highly idebted and there was very little left that governments

​Gold as the old and also as the new standard

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Gold is probably the only metal that has caused war conflicts. Its limited supply and untapped stocks make it a stabilizing tool in times of recession. Therefore it was gold, that became the basis for the creation of the Gold Standard, where the state currency consisted of either physical coins and / or such banknotes,

Safe haven for investors called gold


The past quarter caused investors to become uncertain about the allocation of money in the stock markets. This uncertainty stemmed from the unpredictability of COVID-19. The biggest extremes were also recorded in the gold markets in March 2020, where there was a historic drop in prices in one week, but then prices attacked higher highs than during the period of economic crisis in 2008.