Visions could be powerful enough to show us the way to grow

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Visions are something that can help humanity to evolve and move forward. Some sound better, some sound worse. Other suggest what life might look like in the future. Let’s take a look at what some of the visions for our possible future are. Why it matters Visions are a culmination of ideas, principles and ethics,

Predicting a future could be tricky, but there is still useful information


Predicting the future has always been a popular pastime to some extent. Mainly because it is possible to unleash the imagination and be able to imagine the direction in which the world could go under certain circumstances. Can you imagine where our world could be in 20 years? Let’s look at where the world might

Rich families and their source of wealth, do you know any of them?


If you have to imagine a rich person, you usually think of an individual. But the truth is that there are many families who have become rich through the success of their businesses and their businesses have grown around the world. Let’s take a look who they are and what it can mean for the

The pandemic is still in a full swing, but what will happen after it? Part 2

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This is a second part of our article about what will happen when the pandemic is over. Let’s take look at some more possible scenarios in the post-pandemic world. You can read the first part here. Possible forms of digital tracking The pandemic has shown us that being prepared is a necessity, and old plans

The pandemic is still in a full swing, but what will happen after it? Part 1

pandemic, lightning

The pandemic is still in a full swing, and while it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, it will eventually be over. So the question is, what’s next? What will the world look like after the pandemic? Will it be better or worse? Will humanity learn or will it still go in the same

Food prices have been rising for a long time, what it could mean for our future?

food prices, week 17

Food prices have been rising for a long time and it seems that this growth is not over yet. Let’s take a look at how the food market will develop and what the consequences could be for our future. Why it matters Food prices have been rising for many years. However, the sudden sharp rise

What is the future of cash, will we still be able to use it?


Many people use cash in their daily lives. They pay for services and goods, withdraw from an ATM or even save under a pillow. This form of money has been around for a very long time and to some extent ensures the privacy of users. But digitizing the world requires the use of a different

Top 5 predictions for the world of cryptocurrencies for 2021

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What are the 5 predictions for the cryptocurrency markets for the year 2021 and are they starting to fulfill? Let’s take a look at 5 most common predictions about cryptocurrencies for 2021. 1. Technology and investor numbers will grow Among other things, the year 2020 was marked by a higher participation of institutional investors. This

A fairer world after a pandemic? There are promises, but can they be carried out?

fairer market

Do you also hope for a fairer and more sustainable world? It doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The Great Reset builds its presentation on these words. Let’s take a look at where the hook might be. Like a chess game The pandemic showed us many things. Last but not least, it confirmed that governments

The future will depend on the technologies we will use

future, week 23

We often mention the future in our articles. We are also debating what the future might look like due to cryptocurrencies. But what would happen if it was a dystopian future? Let’s take a look at how cryptocurrencies could help us in the dystopian future (or present). Dystopia doesn’t have to be like a movie

The Great Reset – is there a way to take advantage from it?

Reset, week 10

You have already heard about the Great Reset from us. Is there any way to take advantage of the Great Reset? Let’s take a look at what can be done with the Great Reset. Centralized monetary system Money is a system of rules that we follow. In the current system, which is centralized, government is

Bill Gates: “These advances will make 2021 better than 2020”

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, a name best known for his company Microsoft. A well-known businessman, computer scientist and philanthropist predicts what will happen in 2021. Let’s take a look at what awaits us this year according to Bill Gates. In 2021, coronavirus will be again the main topic Bill Gates has published an article on his blog