Basic financial literacy, part 1: What is money? Two types of money

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What is money? Money rules the world today, that is an indisputable fact. Money, money and money again. We either own money or we spend our whole lives wasting it. But what exactly is money and how is it created? Two types of money Every modern economy is based on money with so-called forced circulation,

Feelings of financial insecurity can be alleviated, how?

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Many people nowadays live in financial insecurity for various reasons. A pandemic, a lack of financial literacy, an inability to save, a down payment, or anything else could be to blame. However, the important news is that there is a tool that can alleviate this uncertainty. Digital currency vs. fiat currency One of the main

Could cryptocurrencies be regulated or stopped?

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Around the world, regulators are trying to regulate Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The reasons are mainly volatility, risk reduction and investor protection. This topic has been discussed for quite some time. But is it possible to ban cryptocurrencies ? Let’s take a look at whether and how they can be regulated. Cryptocurrencies as conventional finance Recently,

Which form of money could be the right one?

money, week 14

There are many forms of money in the world. You have traditional paper money, digital money and cryptocurrency money here. In today’s increasingly digital world, it is important to know the finances around us. If we look back at our history, we find that money has already taken many forms, and it all started with

Inflation: Can we consider Bitcoin as protection against it?

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Historically, it has always been the case that when inflation occurs, investors save their wealth in long-term stable investments. It has been gold for a long time. But now we have cryptocurrencies. Are they really an effective protection against inflation? Inflation and deflation Investors, who invest in cryptocurrencies, sometimes forget about the macro-level trends that

Will fiat money cease to exist in one genenration?

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Although people do not see this development yet, fiat money will probably not survive the next generation and will be replaced by some form of digital currency. Let’s see if and how this scenario is possible. More and more people believe in digital currencies Recently, more and more people are inclined to claim that in

Digital currencies offer independence, but is that desirable?

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Digital currencies can be attractive for many people for the independence that they offer. That is true to some degree. Blockchain offers great opportunities that central banks cannot offer. But it is not that easy. Fiat – classic financial system Let’s start with fiat currency. Fiat operates under the supervision of central banks. The central

Top 5 reasons why digital currency is like early days Visa

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History is something we should take an example and learn from. Let’s take a look at Visa for example. Visa, which most of you know from a credit/debit card, has an interesting history. Let’s take a look at how the beginnings of this company are very similar to today’s situation in the cryptoworld. It may

Could pandemic eradicate obsolete processes, thinking and rules?


Unfortunately, the pandemic is far from being over and we do not know the full impact of it just yet. However there might be more, longer terms impacts as well and not all of them are negative. It is almost as if the pandemic was the catalyst of our time, which will eradicate obsolete and

Deloitte survey: 83% of people believe digital assets will replace money in 10 years

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A global blockchain survey by Deloitte told us that 83% of people believe that digital assets have a high chance to replace the classic fiat money within 10 years. In China, that number is even higher. No surprise there, seeing as China are already massively working to release digital currency. Blockchain is becoming more and