Hot news: Salvadoran government exempts foreign investors in cryptocurrencies from profit tax

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Key message: According to the Salvadoran government, foreign investors in El Salvador will be exempt from profit tax from BTC, said Javier Argueta, the legal advisor to the Salvadoran government. This is a development to further encourage entrepreneurs and investors to enter the country. Profit tax So if a foreign investor owns Bitcoin and makes

Hot news: Panama announces the start of the road to free use of cryptocurrencies


Key message: In addition to El Salvador, Panama has announced its journey towards the free use of cryptocurrencies. The Central American country’s government on Monday unveiled a bill to regulate cryptocurrencies. The proposal aims to make the country “compatible with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the internet.” Panama and cryptocurrencies The news was announced on Twitter by

The World Bank refuses to provide aid to El Salvador, why?

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You have probably not missed the news about adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador. However, El Salvador needs help with technical problems, so it has asked for help from the World Bank, among others. But the latter is refusing to help El Salvador, allegedly because of environmental concerns. However, Let’s take a

Hot news: Bitcoin to become official legal tender in El Salvador by September 7th


Key message: Although El Salvadorans are still skeptical about Bitcoin, the primary cryptocurrency can also offer many benefits and improvements to the current financial system in El Salvador. Bitcoin as an official currency In El Salvador, Bitcoin will become a legal official currency alongside the US dollar. Businesses will accept it, and people will be

El Salvador has shown us that it can be done in other ways, will other governments follow suit?

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We brought you the news that El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. This was a pretty big step towards mass adoption of Bitcoin. However, reactions to this adoption have been very different from different countries. Let’s take a look at them. Same arguments over and over again Even on the day El Salvador

Hot news: El Salvador announced the adoption of Bitcoin

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Key message: Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador has announced that a law to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender in El Salvador was approved now. The law was approved by an overwhelming majority (62 out of 84) of the legislators of El Salvador’s most powerful political body. This is the first country in the