Basic financial literacy, part 1: What is money? Two types of money

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What is money? Money rules the world today, that is an indisputable fact. Money, money and money again. We either own money or we spend our whole lives wasting it. But what exactly is money and how is it created? Two types of money Every modern economy is based on money with so-called forced circulation,

Basic vocabulary with explanation

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Like any other field, the world of cryptocurrencies contains a number of concepts that need to be learned and known. Many of these expressions can be derived from knowledge of foreign languages. However, some of the terms are completely new, and if you want to deal with cryptocurrencies in the future, it’s a good idea

Julie and Daniel Tanner presented their education and financial literacy project to the Pope


Pope Francis received Julia and Daniel Tanner, the founders of the digital currency PlatonCoin, who presented to the Holy Father their project of education and financial literacy, accessible to all without discrimination.

We live in a future predicted 10 years ago

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Surely you have sometimes wondered why we live in such times and how can future be predicted. Our present times were predicted 10 years ago. Let’s take a look at how it is possible to predict what will happen in the future. Every 50 years In 2010, Nature, science magazine, published an opinion on how

In a changing world, you need to think differently so that you don’t lose your savings

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The world changes every day and sometimes it’s hard to keep pace. Of course, payment systems and economy are changing as well. The sad truth is that the knowledge you have probably no longer applies. Let’s take a look at how you can change your thought process when dealing with finances, so that you don’t

Transformation of education system

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Education can be defined as the process of conscious and active acquisition, transmission, mediation and formation of a system of knowledge and / or skills of a person. In addition to students, the active presence of a lecturer or teacher is an integral part of education. Traditional schools vs. online education Benches and chairs made