Are we entering bear market?

bearish investors, week 19, market

Cryptomarkets are know for their volatiliy and the latest development is the best illustration for what it means in practice. On January 22, Bitcoin fell to $34,500 before rebounding slightly to weekend’s $36,300. The optimism has been short-lived, however, as the leading cryptocurrency has now dropped to $33,707.  Why are cryptomarkets falling? As with every…

Market drop and FUD

staking, trading, RUNE, update, FUD

The recent significant drop in crypto markets is typical for cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are known for their high volatility, i.e. sharp price fluctuations in short time intervals. This is far from the first decline that has occurred in the history of crypto markets. Crypto markets have always recovered from all downturns, even horrific ones, and in…

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