What is the future of cash, will we still be able to use it?

cash, printed money

Many people use cash in their daily lives. They pay for services and goods, withdraw from an ATM or even save under a pillow. This form of money has been around for a very long time and to some extent ensures the privacy of users. But digitizing the world requires the use of a different…

In pandemic gold and Bitcoin are strengthening, USD is weakening

crypto, gold, bitcoin,

Gold and Bitcoin are getting stronger. Both turned out to be some of the best assets in 2020. The dollar, on the other hand, is weakening. Bitcoin is currently hovering around $ 10,300, gold is still growing and the USD is more bearish. The most powerful asset Gold is one of the most powerful assets…

Could pandemic eradicate obsolete processes, thinking and rules?


Unfortunately, the pandemic is far from being over and we do not know the full impact of it just yet. However there might be more, longer terms impacts as well and not all of them are negative. It is almost as if the pandemic was the catalyst of our time, which will eradicate obsolete and…

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