Digital currency for everyone? Wait…

digital currency

The Fed in its paper reveals the preparation for the delivery of a digital currency for every American. Let’s take a look at what the Fed is up to. Money is not where it is needed There are many things behind the decision to rework the Fed’s monetary policy and develop the digital currency. The

Most governments started looking at blockchain more seriously

governments, money

Blockchain has been rejected by governments and called a scam for a long time, said CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse. However, recent events have led governments to have more serious look at blockchain and what it can offer. Finding alternatives Recent events have forced most governments to start looking at blockchain differently. With the ever-declining

Blockchain is trustless. Why this could be the new revolution of the 21st century business?

digital currencies, blockchain, trust

We need to see things differently in a world of globalization. For many people, trust is still important. When it comes to blockchain, where it is possible to do operations or contracts without a middle-person or trust, it is, for many people, still just a joke. Globalization and effectivity As the world becomes more like

Coronavirus revealed holes in traditional financial systems, what will fill them up?

coronavirus, banks

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns to contain the disease have created an unprecedented economic scenario. Central banks around the world, led by the U.S. Federal Reserve, have pumped unprecedented stimulus measures into the system in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, far outpacing the response to the 2008 global financial crisis and adding trillions

From cash to crypto: COVID-19 is changing the way the world sees money

cash crypto

The COVID-19 pandemic is making cash-based societies all over the world sink into oblivion with the help of decentralized technologies. Technology has always been one of the main drivers that has boosted social changes. Of course, there have been other reasons: wars, natural cataclysms and disasters, plague pandemics and more. Speaking of such, the current

Influence of digital revolution on employment

digitalizace, digitální

Every industrial revolution represents a shift in human society to a higher level. There is an increase in the efficiency of production and management of services, which contribute to saving time of the productive part of the population. But how will the progress of digital revolution and automation affect employment? Automation and what will come

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