There are more cryptocurrency users in the world than you might think

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Have you ever wondered how many users are in the world of cryptocurrencies? If not, try it now. What is your estimate? Let’s take a look at how many cryptocurrency users are out there. Huge increase In 2018, the 2nd Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study estimated that there were approximately 35 million authenticated cryptocurrency users. Currently,

Gold is rising, why are investors investing in it?

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Surely you have noticed that the price of gold has risen sharply. But have you thought about why? Let’s take a look at why the price of gold is rising like this. The third peak since 1971 If you’ve ever invested in gold, you know it doesn’t pay any interest. However, at a time of

How important is financial literacy in the world of cryptocurrencies

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Certainly many of us have completed some tutorial on financial literacy. And others just learned “on the go”. Either way, some level of financial literacy is crucial. Let’s take a look at how financial literacy affects the world of cryptocurrencies. Lack of financial literacy If you don’t know how to deal with finances, you go

In this time of crisis, money can be a problem

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We are now going through a difficult period of pandemic. For many, money is dwindling and many will not even receive help from the state. Let’s take a look at what to expect and how investors deal with the current situation. If you have the means to invest, you are a king Every investor has

Pandemic is telling us it’s time to adopt cryptocurrencies


The difficult, pandemic period has tangled many industries and, above all, has damaged banks. This could lead to better acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a look at the possible scenario of accelerated acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Efforts to recover We have already brought you reports on how the coronavirus caused significant bank losses or how investors

Banks could soon charge you for storing money there

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It is possible that due to the measures that should start-up the economy, banks will charge customers fees for storing their money there. Let’s take a look on what this could mean for bank customers. Negative interest rates as an effort to save economy The pandemic has hurt the economy in many sectors. So banks

You don’t need Internet connection to trade crypto, now you can have satellite

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Each of us, who trades cryptocurrencies, felt the need to be constantly connected to the Internet. Unfortunately, there is no other way to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Or is there? Let’s take a look at what innovation awaited the people of Venezuela. Satellite node Startup Cryptobuyer announced the successful launch of the first satellite node

Volatility of Tesla shares is higher than volatility of Bitcoin

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Many people are criticizing the volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But many of them have no idea that stocks can be much more volatile. Let’s take a look on which stocks are more volatile than Bitcoin. How volatility is measured Volatility is the rate at which an asset’s value or rate of return fluctuates.

How is inflation affecting the the world of cryptocurrencies

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Inflation, a word so familiar to us and associated with a currency we have always known. But did you know that inflation is very often used in connotation with cryptocurrencies? Let’s take a look at how it affects the traditional and token monetary system. A little repetition and something extra We know the term inflation

Tokens: How to choose and invest in the right ones?

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There are more than 7,000 tokens and cryptocurrencies on the crypto market now and the number is still increasing. But do you know which ones to invest in so that you don’t lose your money? Let’s take a look at how to decide which token you want to invest in, and which tokens are not

New scandal of the largest banks: their shares are falling

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Large banks have been caught in a money laundering scandal. Criminals were allowed to launder money between years 1999 – 2017 to the amount of almost $2 trillion through these banks. Let’s take a look at what this could mean for cryptocurrencies and what we should learn from this situation. 18 years of laundering money

Which cryptocurrencies will succeed in the future?

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Sometimes we need to look towards the future. Since the creation of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies have emerged to find their place in the Sun. Unfortunately, many will not make it in the next 10 years. Let’s see which cryptocurrencies have the best chance of survival. Top cryptocurrencies Everyone who is interested

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