Warren Buffett: Prices are rising, people are saving up money, but will it be enough?

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Money is an important part of our lives. The economy has experienced a major rebound in the recovery and prices are rising more and more. Inflation continues to cause large increases in price and society continues to be hit by the pressure of it all. Let’s take a look at why prices are rising and

The economic crisis was inevitable, how is that possible?

the economic crisis

The economic crisis, which began in March 2020, had been expected for several months before that. It was inevitable because what was happening at that time in the world always ends in crisis. Let’s take a look at why this economic crisis was inevitable and expected by many. Why it matters During 2020, some countries

This economic crisis may not just be another crisis

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The words “economic crisis” could make us think that many things can collapse. The truth is that another crisis awaits us. But will it really be just another crisis? Let’s take a look at how another economic crisis may not be a complete crisis. Is inflation really that much needed? Technology is constantly pushing our

We live in a future predicted 10 years ago

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Surely you have sometimes wondered why we live in such times and how can future be predicted. Our present times were predicted 10 years ago. Let’s take a look at how it is possible to predict what will happen in the future. Every 50 years In 2010, Nature, science magazine, published an opinion on how

Popular Warren Buffet indicator is rising, markets may fall

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Buffet indicator can help us tell where the market will move. It is a very popular tool for estimating market movements. Do you use it? Let’s take a look at what a Warren Buffet indicator is and how it can help us understand the market. What is Buffet indicator? The Buffet indicator is used to

Do you know the financial system had already collapsed?

financial system

It’s hard to believe, but yes. The financial system, that we know, have already collapsed and never recovered back. Let’s take a look at what happened. Earlier than you think It all started in 2000, with the promise that every American will own a house and with mortgages with very low requirements for loan approval.

Depression always follows a crisis, but can it be reversed?

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Historically, it can be seen that the crisis is always followed by a depression. We can trace it to the basis of economic scientific work. Let’s take a look at how that works and if there is any way to reverse this process. The same conclusion of the two works We have already written about

In this time of crisis, money can be a problem

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We are now going through a difficult period of pandemic. For many, money is dwindling and many will not even receive help from the state. Let’s take a look at what to expect and how investors deal with the current situation. If you have the means to invest, you are a king Every investor has

COVID-19 pandemic has hit the largest banks in the world hard

covid-19 pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic is still raging out there. It has caused many companies to close and many people to lose their jobs. It has shown us that our current system is broken. Let’s take a look at how the pandemic hit the largest banks hard. Everyone is losing money Everyone felt some kind of impact from

Bad debts could crush even major banks such as Deutsche Bank


Banks are now facing difficult times. While some have not recovered from the last crisis, there is already a new one around the corner. Let’s see how the banks performed during the pandemic and what this may mean for them in the future. Problems are starting to pile The pandemic is still raging around the

Robert Kiyosaki says: “You should invest in Bitcoin and precious metals”

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, famous author of the world bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” advises everyone to invest in precious metals and Bitcoin. The crisis is just around the corner and the time is running out. The banking crisis is knocking on the door Large investors are selling bank shares and investing in precious metals mining. For

12 reasons why you should invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

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Although Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, many people are not sure if they have reasons to invest in them. In this article we discuss some reasons as to why you should not delay investing in Bitcoin and / or other cryptocurrencies. Reasons to buy Bitcoin has been with us for more