Bill Gates: “These advances will make 2021 better than 2020”

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, a name best known for his company Microsoft. A well-known businessman, computer scientist and philanthropist predicts what will happen in 2021. Let’s take a look at what awaits us this year according to Bill Gates. In 2021, coronavirus will be again the main topic Bill Gates has published an article on his blog

4 possible scenarios of the future economic development

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The pandemic has affected many economic sectors. However, on the other hand, it has opened up new opportunities for investment. What can we expect from the future development? 4 basic scenarios are possible. Opportunities for investment have opened up, for example, in the field of online entertainment. But many people see an opportunity to invest

The US dollar is weakening – what are wealthy investors doing about it?

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The US dollar has been weakening significantly due to fears of war and inflation. When rich people are buying physical gold, it is usually a sign of a crisis ahead. While gold is strengthening, the dollar is falling Many people at this time are asking for gold in physical form. They want to reduce their

What will the cryptomarket look like in a post COVID-19 economy?


Will the cryptomarket be impacted long-term by the global pandemic? Is Bitcoin immune to the Coronavirus? The COVID-19 pandemic has, among other things managed to throw a monkey wrench into the gearbox of the world economy. Some experts claim that it will take years, if not decades, to recover from the screeching halt it caused

Coronavirus revealed holes in traditional financial systems, what will fill them up?

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The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns to contain the disease have created an unprecedented economic scenario. Central banks around the world, led by the U.S. Federal Reserve, have pumped unprecedented stimulus measures into the system in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, far outpacing the response to the 2008 global financial crisis and adding trillions

World is insolvent due to COVID-19 crisis

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To understand why the financial dominoes toppled by the COVID-19 pandemic lead to global insolvency, let’s start with a household example. The point of this exercise is to distinguish between the market value of assets and net worth, which is what’s left after debts are subtracted from the market value of assets. Household example Let’s

Ray Dalio: 3 tips on managing your savings in corona recession


Though the stock market is on the rebound of late as more and more states reopen, hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio has made it clear that he expects the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to leave behind an economic downturn that could be the worst since the Great Depression. “We’re not going to go back to normal”

Post-pandemic outlook for cryptocurrencies

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In cryptocurrency and blockchain, the past year has been significant. Blockchain enjoyed a rise in mainstream enterprise interest. And now, we’re seeing even more momentum around how cryptocurrency and blockchain can be applied to deal with some of the public crises emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. General outlook: Adoption for cryptocurrency will likely grow as

Safe haven for investors called gold


The past quarter caused investors to become uncertain about the allocation of money in the stock markets. This uncertainty stemmed from the unpredictability of COVID-19. The biggest extremes were also recorded in the gold markets in March 2020, where there was a historic drop in prices in one week, but then prices attacked higher highs than during the period of economic crisis in 2008.

7 predictions for post-coronavirus world


Did you get used to remote working and eduction and even consulting your doctor via telephone or email? Well you should have, because this will be the new normal in the post-coronavirus world. What is in store for us?  The coronavirus pandemic will be remembered as a world-reordering event. Like the Great Depression, the fall