Digital currency for everyone? Wait…

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The Fed in its paper reveals the preparation for the delivery of a digital currency for every American. Let’s take a look at what the Fed is up to. Money is not where it is needed There are many things behind the decision to rework the Fed’s monetary policy and develop the digital currency. The

What is the Great Reset and why will cryptocurrencies play a crucial role?


Key global institutions have come up with a plan called “The Great Reset”. It means a complete transformation of the global economy. Let’s take a look at what this is and what it could mean for centralized and decentralized finance. Many things are happening A pandemic, the automation of workplaces, riots and protests, general tension

Digital currencies offer independence, but is that desirable?

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Digital currencies can be attractive for many people for the independence that they offer. That is true to some degree. Blockchain offers great opportunities that central banks cannot offer. But it is not that easy. Fiat – classic financial system Let’s start with fiat currency. Fiat operates under the supervision of central banks. The central

In pandemic gold and Bitcoin are strengthening, USD is weakening

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Gold and Bitcoin are getting stronger. Both turned out to be some of the best assets in 2020. The dollar, on the other hand, is weakening. Bitcoin is currently hovering around $ 10,300, gold is still growing and the USD is more bearish. The most powerful asset Gold is one of the most powerful assets

Could pandemic eradicate obsolete processes, thinking and rules?


Unfortunately, the pandemic is far from being over and we do not know the full impact of it just yet. However there might be more, longer terms impacts as well and not all of them are negative. It is almost as if the pandemic was the catalyst of our time, which will eradicate obsolete and

Cryptocurrencies should become more like PayPal to succeed

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies need to become more like PayPal now. Bitcoin generally laid the foundations for the future of money and finance. It has shown us how to avoid the grip of centralized finance. However, it encounters obstacles that may be insurmountable in some respects. So what does Bitcoin and other digital currencies need

Central bank digital currencies might one day replace commercial banks


Federal reserve investigated the implications of an account-based central bank digital currency (CBDC), focusing on its potential competition with the traditional role of commercial banks. Results are very interesting. “The introduction of digital currencies may justify a fundamental shift in the architecture of a financial system, a central bank ‘open to all,’” the paper, which

China is starting to be afraid of Facebook’s Libra, why?

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China released a bit more information around its much-awaited digital yuan. And it seems that there will be a race between the two. The new information came from Li Lihui, a former Bank of China president who now heads up the blockchain research group at the National Internet Finance Association of China. The talk was

Will coronavirus increase pressure on CBDC deployment?

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It seems obvious that the coronavirus pandemic will cause an economic crisis. Some experts predict that this could be even more serious than in 1929 and 2008. Some countries are therefore trying to find solutions that should at least partially improve the situation. One of them is the so-called CBDC, which is discussed in this article.

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