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The world economy – what direction could it take?

Have you ever wondered where the world economy might be heading? Will it move towards a more universal economy, or will it still be fragmented by country or region? Or a bit of both? Let’s look at the possibilities. The world economy in cryptocurrencies Some of you have thought about the growing adoption rate of…


How could the digital euro help the economy?

CBDC (central bank digital currency), which includes the digital euro, has been a much discussed topic recently. Many central banks are currently exploring CBDCs and they are in various stages of development. Some are still exploring digital currencies, others are already in the pilot testing phase. Let’s take a closer look at the digital euro….

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Week 14 – News and markets

Fundamentals and expected events: week 14 Crypto markets: Bitcoin tested again the level of $47,000, but failed and retraced by around a thousand dollars shortly after. Most altcoins are untypically stable, except PlatonCoin, which shoot up by 11.4%. Ethereum marked a three-month high a few days ago above $3,500 and has remained around that level…


Daily news update: March 18th, 2022

Crypto market update Following the recent price fluctuations, bitcoin calmed on a daily scale and has since remained above the coveted $40,000 price tag. Most altcoins are also relatively stagnant now, but the top 100 coins have seen the entrance of ApeCoin, which has gained a market cap of almost $2 billion a day after…

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Daily news update: March 15th, 2022

Crypto market update Bitcoin tried again to break psychological level of $40,000 but was did not succeed and fell below again. Alcoins followed the leader of the market once again and ended up mostly in red numbers, before the sentiment turned. Markets are still very turbulent and there are significant moves in both ways, investors…


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The world of cryptocurrencies has come a long way in its more than 10 years of existence. The legendary Bitcoin has been gradually complemented by more and more projects, which often operate on completely different principles. As a result, internal differentiation has become more pronounced, with the umbrella term cryptocurrency encompassing projects that are miles…

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Is Russia going to implement CBDC?

The act of the Russian army’s invasion to Ukraine on 24 February 2022 could have more outcomes that it is obvious at the first glance. Let’s look at it from a different angle. Approach to crypto currencies It is interesting to note that both states have chosen a different path in their approach to cryptocurrencies….

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Daily news update: February 4th, 2022

Crypto market update As the White House has accused Russia of planning a staged attack on Russian territory by Ukrainian forces in order to gain a pretext for an invasion of the country, both traditional and crypto markets fell on the news as more uncertainty builds and the potential for military conflict increases. Bitcoin dropped…

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