Some stocks are already a huge bubble, how can you spot such a stock?


The bubble indicator is currently at 77%. In 2000 and 1929, when US markets experienced big problems caused by inflated stocks, this indicator was at 100%. This could mean that the stock market, or at least some stocks, is starting to be big bubble. Bubble means that a stock is traded for an unsustainably high

Is there a bubble on the market now that we should fear?

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The world has already experienced many bubbles. Randomly useless bonds in the 1980s, technology stocks in the 1990s, and housing around the year 2000. They are united by one feature, when they burst, they take the financial system with them. Let’s take a look if there is another bubble on the markets now. How to

Is decentralized finance the future of 21st century or a bubble?


Decentralized finance is so far thriving in cryptospace. DeFi is evolving in various ways, finding its supporters and opponents. Let’s see where DeFi came from and why some people perceive it as a bubble. DeFi vs. ICO DeFi was created in 2017. Due to the events of this year, people considered it to be another