Week 18 – Overview of fundamentals and markets

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Welcome to our weekly brief. Here you will find what is going on on the markets and what are expected events in week 18. It should help you with jumping back on track.  Fundamentals and expected events: week 18 Crypto markets: After falling to $ 56,000 yesterday, Bitcoin was able to gain back $ 2,000

Banks and money laundering in cryptocurrencies – how do banks find out?

money laundering

Money laundering is a crime and you probably have heard many times that banks do not trust cryptocurrencies precisely because of the fear of money laundering. But how can banks find out about this illegal activity? Let’s take a closer look. Why it matters If you have a bank account, you have certainly undergone KYC

Will blockchain end commercial banks as we know them?

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Blockchain as we know it has a huge potential not only in the field of finance. In essence, it can change the world, making it a decentralized place that is fair and provides equal opportunities for everyone. But is there a chance that it could replace today’s banks? How would that be possible and what

The future will depend on the technologies we will use


We often mention the future in our articles. We are also debating what the future might look like due to cryptocurrencies. But what would happen if it was a dystopian future? Let’s take a look at how cryptocurrencies could help us in the dystopian future (or present). Dystopia doesn’t have to be like a movie

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies – what is the real driving force?


Surely each of you knows that a blockchain is needed for cryptocurrencies to work. But blockchain has many uses beyond cryptocurrencies. Have you ever thought about what is the real driving force for cryptocurrencies? Yes, it goes far beyond blockchain. Let’s take a look at the main topics that drive the use of cryptocurrencies and

Transformation of financial world is needed – will digital currencies play part?

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It is clear that transformation of financial world is needed. Digital currencies could be part of the solution, and in addition there is no third or central authority needed. Let’s take a look at the way cryptocurrencies go. Slowly but surely The slow penetration into the world and the path to adoption can be seen

Why is it important to invest in cryptocurrencies and what is their potential?

the potential, week 08

The potential of cryptocurrencies is huge, if we are looking at the growing potential of the ecosystem and decentralization, not just at the return on investment. Let’s take a look at why it’s a good idea to invest until mass adoption has taken place. The potential is huge Cryptocurrencies are based on technology called blockchain.

To follow or not to follow: Part 1 – trends to follow in crypto


Everyone invests in cryptocurrencies for different reasons, and each story has its own charm. Everyone also follows different trends in cryptocurrencies. This diversity is beautiful in the crypto world. We bring you an overview of what trends are interesting. Let’s take a look at what trends are worth following closely. New types of cryptocurrencies Do

The next generation of blockchain could be used by millions of users

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Blockchain is a powerful tool that is constantly evolving. Thanks to blockchain, we can use cryptocurrencies and send them in the same manner like sending an SMS message. Let’s take a closer look at what the future may hold for blockchain. Just a little step from adoption Digital currencies are still at a very early

Week 46 – Overview of fundamentals and markets

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Welcome to our weekly brief of what is going on on the markets and what are expected events in week 46. It should help you with jumping back on track after weekend.  Fundamentals and expected events: week 46 Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin is now reaching its new annual highs. Even the 2019 record of nearly $ 14,000

Evolution is natural – even for the internet


Evolution is as old as humanity itself. It even existed before humanity. The same goes for technology. Since you are now reading this article thanks to the internet, have you ever thought about where it will develop? Let’s take a look at where the internet could evolve. Let’s dig into the history What exactly is