Safety is always important, what are the 5 signs of a scam?

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Safety is important in all aspects, whether it’s money, your house or apartment, or your investments. With cryptocurrencies, this is just as true. Once cryptocurrencies started to become more popular, scams started to keep up to match the same pace. Let’s take a look at how to spot a cryptocurrency scam.

1. Insufficient Information safety

The human factor is behind roughly 70% of losses in the crypto space. So, to be able to eliminate as much risk as possible whatever is hiding the other 30% of the problems, Platon Life started working with US giant Symantec (now Broadcom), which audited our code and systems. PlatonCoin is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. We value your privacy and safety and try to protect it as much as possible.

2. A token that has no real life use

Those who have been familiar with cryptocurrencies since at least 2017 will know about the flurry of ICOs that took place that year. A lot of tokens were created, but unfortunately they had no real life use. The white paper basically said nothing and there were still enough people who invested in the token. Platon Life brings the world of digital currencies in a single interactive application allowing everyone to participate on the ecosystem’s benefits, to start buying and selling digital currencies, trading, learning, watching the news and much more.

3. Huge gains in a very short time

If someone on the street stopped you and said that if you gave them money they would bring you double the next day, you wouldn’t believe them. Cryptocurrency scammers have long been trying to fool you in exactly the same way by lulling you into a false sense of safety. Platon Life won’t promise you anything like hundreds of per cent profit in a short term. On the contrary, we will offer you further knowledge development.

4. A headquarters that doesn’t exist

Many fraudulent companies are headquartered in a rented office or somewhere that is basically just a meadow or field.  Platon Life can guarantee that our headquarters are traceable and you will always find us at the address in person.

5. Can’t trade or withdraw profits anywhere?

Scammers often try to highlight information about why their solution is the best, but if you try to dig deeper you’ll find that there’s nowhere to actually trade or exchange the token. Our PlatonCoin (PLTC) is traded on several exchanges. At the same time, you can stack it or exchange it for vouchers from our Platon Store.


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