Renato Rodríguez: Paper money will cease to exist in 2 decades

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Renato Rodríguez, an expert businessman in economics and mathematics specializing in crypto economics for more than 10 years, explains the importance of crypto in today’s world.

The digital economy has evolved since its inception ten years ago. Digital assets function as money and move stably within the financial market.

In addition, there are digital wallets that allow cryptocurrencies to be stored in a secure and decentralized way, which has prompted a large number of people to migrate to this new economy. Especially in the face of the current health and economic crisis. These transactions are direct – person to person – and don’t require physical contact.

Renato Rodríguez

Renato Rodríguez is an expert businessman in economics and mathematics with more than 15 years of experience in the business sector and for 10 years dedicated to crypto economics.

According to Rodríguez: “The problem with the digital product is that it isn’t registered. It isn’t known who spends or who buys.”

Rodríguez has concluded that small and medium-sized companies should be able to receive payments in digital assets and migration to the digital economy should be friendlier for everyone especially at this critical moment that has changed the lifestyle of millions of people.

The purpose of cryptocurrency is to provide an opportunity for business growth and allow more and more people to benefit from the digital economy.


It is important to remember that the evolution of the digital economy has transformed money as we know it in addition to reducing barriers such as lack of transparency, complicated procedures and centralization. Rodríguez concludes:

“Crypto economy is taking an important place in the current system. Predictions indicate that paper money won’t be necessary in the next 2 decades, and most likely it will cease to exist”.


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