Predicting a future could be tricky, but there is still useful information

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Predicting the future has always been a popular pastime to some extent. Mainly because it is possible to unleash the imagination and be able to imagine the direction in which the world could go under certain circumstances. Can you imagine where our world could be in 20 years? Let’s look at where the world might be.

Why it matters

Of course, the future cannot be predicted exactly. Rather, similar predictions give people and governments the opportunity to prepare and see how to proceed. There is currently a pandemic in the world, we need to fight climate change, the financial crisis and many other things that need to be addressed. Furthermore, the forecasts will offer an idea of ​​which trends will shape the future.

What you can hear

The clearest trend lines can be found in demographics. In the coming years, richer countries will age. In some cases, they may begin to shrink. This will put widespread pressure on infrastructure, education and healthcare in giant cities, which are not ready for it. Another relatively certain trend line is the intensification of climate change. This could mean a higher susceptibility to crises.

What it could mean

The future we can ultimately expect, will depend on technology. Mainly on whether technology connects us or divides us even more. If it is possible to find a way how to use technology to kick-start the economy, it could help solve many other problems at the same time.

What you can do

We need to be able to prepare for the fact that the world could go down a more dystopian path. You will definitely need to protect your wealth. Investments can help you with that. If you want to learn new, modern technologies, you can test it with our PlatonCoin (PLTC), which will offer you a wide range of uses and show you how technology can connect us.


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