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What is PlatonCoin?

PlatonCoin (PLTC) is the basis of the Platon Life ecosystem. It was developed on Ethereum blockchain as a semi-decentralized digital currency tool to be used within the ecosystem for its security and speed of transactions.

What is the difference between PlatonCoin and Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been on the market longer as it was the first cryptocurrency. However, it also suffers from several issues that PlatonCoin has eliminated because developers learned from the mistakes of the first generation of cryptocurrencies. PlatonCoin is the second generation of cryptocurrencies, which is far more user-friendly and provides many additional benefits, such as an insured digital wallet unseen in the previous generation.

How are PLTCs secured?

PLTC is secured on several levels, mainly due to the unique insured digital wallet up to EUR 1 million, depending on the membership level. PLTC is also protected from hacker attacks in cooperation with the world leader Broadcom (Symantec). Furthermore, all internal systems are subject to control and audit.

Why are there 300 million PLTC units?

The issuance of 300 million units of PLTC was based on a comprehensive internal analysis of the markets, a prediction of the potential number of users of the Platon Life ecosystem and other factors such as the expected level of acceptance of cryptocurrencies by the public, the anticipated development of the macroeconomic situation, etc.

How much can I earn with PLTC, and for how long?

Earnings depend on the length of the fixation program. Therefore, the longer the client has tied their PLTC in the program, the better their appreciation. A calculator on our websites allows you to estimate the return according to the amount of money you have invested and the fixation length.

What is the minimum investment?

There is no minimum purchase amount online. However, the minimum purchase amount for OTC sales is set at EUR 500.

Why buy PLTC when I can buy BTC?

PLTC is a digital currency that functions much more like regular fiat currencies but offers additional features and benefits in addition to the everyday use, such as security, insurance, the possibility of choosing whether to stake or spend and also independence on any central governmental authority or sudden market moves.

What are the main benefits of using PLTC specifically?

The main benefits include an insured digital wallet, insured PLTC coins against theft, elimination of potential cyber-attacks, no transaction fees for using coins within the ecosystem, a unique reward system through PLTC, the possibility of generating passive income, education, independence.

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  1. Ladislav Liska says:

    Mám zájem o investici do kryptoměny ve výši cca 20 000 €.

  2. Zdenek Škoda says:

    Investoval jsem do platoncoinu, firma však dělá mtvého brouka a odmítá komunikovat !!

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