Platon Trading Academy 28.06.: BTC, RUNE

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Platon Trading Academy presents a brief overview of what will be today’s daily trading session about.


Amazing entry on the 31.000 support thasnks to our candlestick pattern confirmation, in a day this trade made almost 4X of what we risked upon entering it.  Asymmetrical risk/reward is a key to successful trading, thats why we have a whole course about it in the academy.




Confluence zone of three Platon trading elements:
1. Descending trendline
2. Resistance zone
3. 50MA

Now we are waiting for the candlestick pattern to confirm further move down.



If you would like to know more and learn how to trade, join our Platon Trading Academy.

Disclaimer: This is not an offer for concluding a contract. Trading cryptocurrencies is a highly risky business and as such you are the only person bearing the risk and responsible for your own decisions. Do not engage in trading unless you do your own research and are fully knowledgeable of the risks. 

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