The pandemic is still in a full swing, but what will happen after it? Part 1

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The pandemic is still in a full swing, and while it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, it will eventually be over. So the question is, what’s next? What will the world look like after the pandemic? Will it be better or worse? Will humanity learn or will it still go in the same direction? Let’s look at the possible scenarios in the post-pandemic world.

Why we should even care about predictions

Predictions can be twofold. They can give us hope for better future, or prepare us for the worst. Mankind has long sought to predict the future in some way. Some predictions have become reality and others have fallen flat on their face. But what is important is that they can help us  understand better the world that may await us.

Possible sharp rise and fall in stock markets

The government is helping to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, mainly by printing new money. This can be relatively difficult, as this printing of money can greatly affect inflation. That could lead to sharp rise of certain stocks, but also falls. It could also make investors skeptical and boost demand for traditional commodities such as gold or silver.

Retailers need to learn new methods

Entrepreneurs who have opened small businesses and have enjoyed a good rapport with their customers will have to go online and sell there if they want to stay active in their business. This could lead to competition for customers in the future.

Firms will limit ownership of fixed assets

To prevent future shocks, companies will cease to hold fixed assets or employees indefinitely. More and more positions will likely be automated and more work will be filled by temporary staff. It is quite possible that many people will live as freelancers as well as look for other ways to earn as much money as possible. The supply of jobs is already limited and it is quite possible that it will not return to normal as we knew it before the pandemic.

What you can do

Having an idea of ​​what can happen makes it easier to prepare for what may come. What the future holds is still unclear, but we have at least a chance to partially prepare for it. You may start to manage your money differently, start learning. The pandemic is still here, and it could be a good opportunity to prepare yourselve.


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