Post-pandemic outlook for cryptocurrencies

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In cryptocurrency and blockchain, the past year has been significant. Blockchain enjoyed a rise in mainstream enterprise interest. And now, we’re seeing even more momentum around how cryptocurrency and blockchain can be applied to deal with some of the public crises emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. General outlook: Adoption for cryptocurrency will likely grow as

Universal basic income and blockchain


Universal basic income (UBI), dates back to the 16th century when Sir Thomas More depicted a society in which every person receives a guaranteed income in his famous book Utopia. Utopia and reality While Utopia is a fictional work, the reality of a basic income has come to fruition, as it has been reported that

From cash to crypto: COVID-19 is changing the way the world sees money

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The COVID-19 pandemic is making cash-based societies all over the world sink into oblivion with the help of decentralized technologies. Technology has always been one of the main drivers that has boosted social changes. Of course, there have been other reasons: wars, natural cataclysms and disasters, plague pandemics and more. Speaking of such, the current

5 ways, how AI is transforming cryptocurrencies


AI and blockchain have undeniably been two of the most significant technologies that have catalyzed the pace of innovation and acquainted every industry with radical shifts. Here are the top 5 ways conversational AI is transforming the cryptocurrency industry. 1. Energy Consumption Crypto mining is an incredibly challenging task and requires an unrealistic amount of

Generation C as for Crypto

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Generation C was born out of the 2008-9 financial crisis, when Satoshi Nakamoto used a January 3, 2009 headline in The Times, “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks,” in the Genesis block of Bitcoin. The emergence of shared economies “Traditional financial and government institutions suddenly seemed incompetent and illegitimate,” says Lana Swartz, an

​Gold as the old and also as the new standard

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Gold is probably the only metal that has caused war conflicts. Its limited supply and untapped stocks make it a stabilizing tool in times of recession. Therefore it was gold, that became the basis for the creation of the Gold Standard, where the state currency consisted of either physical coins and / or such banknotes,

Safe haven for investors called gold


The past quarter caused investors to become uncertain about the allocation of money in the stock markets. This uncertainty stemmed from the unpredictability of COVID-19. The biggest extremes were also recorded in the gold markets in March 2020, where there was a historic drop in prices in one week, but then prices attacked higher highs than during the period of economic crisis in 2008.

Impact of COVID-19 on real estate market

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One of the markets that was negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is the real estate market. When we talk about real estate, we do not mean only the housing market, but also offices, industrial-logistics, retail and accommodation markets. Housing market Predicting the development of this sector is more complex than it seems at first

The US is amending the Digital Currencies Act


The US is currently undergoing the most extensive changes in decades. The current government has decided on significant changes aimed at transforming the US economy into a world leader in digitization and supporting the expansion of the application of digital currencies. The prepared amendment is intended to define and streamline the position of institutions involved

Digital age and mandatory vaccination

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Vaccination, a word polarizing human society into two camps. A word where question of (non) application is no longer only a matter of medicine but also of ethical-moral values ​​and freedoms of our emerging digitally oriented society. First vaccines The first mention dates as far back as the 11th century (where elsewhere than China), but

Transformation of education system

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Education can be defined as the process of conscious and active acquisition, transmission, mediation and formation of a system of knowledge and / or skills of a person. In addition to students, the active presence of a lecturer or teacher is an integral part of education. Traditional schools vs. online education Benches and chairs made

Digitization of employee benefits in PlatonLife


The private sector is an effective environment for testing as well as introducing new possibilities for the application of digitization. The introduction of innovation through virtual currencies opens up new, as yet unregulated opportunities at various levels, including employee benefits. Employee benefits change Therefore, it is not surprising that employment relations will also undergo a