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news, week 29

Markets and news: May 26, 2022

News in brief Russia seems to be definitely going bankrupt, also due to the fact, the US Treasury banned US banks and individuals from accepting repayments from the Russian government yesterday. Several positive macroeconomic reports and comments from the WEF in Davos, as well as comments by European central bankers towards the monetary policy settings,…


Markets and news: May 25, 2022

News in brief World stock markets are still volatile. European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde outlined the central bank’s path to monetary policy normalisation on Monday. She is now setting the stage for a July interest rate hike. The USD dropped upon the news from ECB. Gold prices rose nearly 4% after last week’s rebound…

news, week 30

Markets and news: May 24, 2022

News in brief The World Economic Forum continues with main topics being inflation and stagflation, rising food prices and increased tensions in the geopolitical field. According to report, the total debt of the Czech population recorded in the Banking and Non-Banking Customer Information Register reached CZK 3.07 trillion at the end of the first quarter…

week 21, week 31

Week 21 – Fundamental and technical analysis

Fundamentals and expected events: week 21 Crypto markets: Fear has returned to the crypto markets as the Fear and Greed index dropped down to level 10, meaning extreme fear. The crypto-ecosystem as a whole has taken a dive following not only the macroeconomic data and also an upcoming correction on from the “free money” era…

news, week 34

Markets and news: May 20, 2022

News in brief Stocks have continued their decline, but it is not nearly as dramatic as it has been in recent days. The current account of the balance of payments ended with a surplus of EUR 8.66 billion in March. A “relative” calm can probably be expected until the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting in…

news, week 28

Markets and news: May 19, 2022

News in brief Markets are globally still tanking, the most recent reason are bad reported results of many large companies across the globe. Geopolitical situation around Ukraine is still very tense. Information about rising number of Covid-19 cases in Southern Europe together with persistent lockdowns in China are not helping either. Inflational pressures are also…


Markets and news: May 18, 2022

News in brief In the US, it does not look like a recession yet, according to the incoming data. The Fed is likely to go for a series of 50bps hikes. Jerome Powell confirmed yesterday that the Fed may raise interest rates even above the neutral rate of around 2.5% and pointed out that price…

news, week 27, week 33

Markets and news: May 17, 2022

News in brief All producer prices continued to rise month-on-month and year-on-year in April. Industrial producer prices increased by more than 26% year-on-year and agricultural producer prices by more than 35%. Construction prices were estimated to have risen by almost 13% year-on-year and prices of market services for businesses were 5.5% higher. After a very…

week 20, week 24

Week 20 – Fundamental and technical analysis

Fundamentals and expected events: week 20 Crypto markets: Crypto markets experienced a very turbulent week and now seem to calm down a bit. Bitcoin jumped to above $31,000 but was quickly stopped in its tracks and was turned back below the $30,000 line, where it bounced and now is trading above that line again. Most…

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