Microsoft for Startups has decided to support Platon Finance again

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Summary:  Microsoft for Startups has decided to support Platon Finance by increasing its budget for further development of a unique project in the field of digital currencies and blockchain. With the support of Microsoft for Startups Platon Finance has already developed an insured digital wallet for selected cryptocurrencies for MS Windows on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft for Startups has previously supported the development of Platon Finance project, and successful collaboration is now continuing with an increase in the budget for further project development with the support of the Microsoft for Startups initiative.

Daniel Tanner, CEO of Platon Finance, said about the reinforced partnership with Microsoft: “We are very pleased that Microsoft for Startups has decided to provide us with additional resources to develop our unique project. It is a confirmation for us that the development is going in the right direction and also a great appreciation of the work of our entire team. Cooperation with the producer of the most frequently used operating system will make it possible to reach the widest possible public, which is in line with the vision of our company, to enable the use of digital currency for all”.

Platon Finance

Platon Finance offers a unique digital wallet that is insured based on co-operation with a renowned international consulting firm Anderson on the London market, while all data is secured by Symantec. The digital wallet already fully meets the requirements of KYC and AML and offers the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH BCH, XLM, PLTC.

Platon Finance is a Central European fintech startup that is working on its core idea of ​​introducing digital currencies for businesses and the general public by providing user-friendly secure solutions for B2B and B2C operations. Platon Finance has developed these solutions based on blockchain technology using PlatonCoin digital token as a means of entering the world of digital currencies.

PlatonCoin from Platon Finance represents a new generation of cryptocurrencies that adds further benefits and possibilities to the original idea of ​​cryptocurrencies. PlatonCoin enables its holders to participate in the entire ecosystem by maximizing the ease of use of cryptocurrency for the public and businesses.

Platon Life platform is developed with the idea to create an interconnected community through B2B and B2C solutions that combine the latest technologies with traditional values.

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