Can the metaverse affect companies? If so, how?


Can the metaverse and companies go together? The metaverse is a much talked about topic lately. It is something completely different than the internet we are all familiar with. Once the metaverse becomes widespread, many things will change and therefore change will affect everyone, even companies. How the metaverse will affect companies is what we are looking at now.

Meet me in the Metaverse

Company Global Accenture has produced a report, Meet Me in the Metaverse, which takes an in-depth look at how the metaverse will impact and change business processes. We can think of it as companies preparing for life in the metaverse.


Programmable technologies are increasingly intersecting with the physical world as well. We can think of smart homes or materials, augmented reality or ambient computing. Accenture thus suggests that business leaders should research and monitor these programmable technologies so that they can then implement them to better enter the metaverse.

Related to this is the preparation of platforms so that companies are competitive and do not miss the huge opportunity that early entry into the metaverse provides. Accenture cited BMW as its case study. The carmaker has digital, 3D photorealistic twins of 31 factories that it uses to train robots to move around the factories or to bring engineers from different countries together virtually. This allows workers to experiment safely.

New possibilities

As technology advances, new ways to solve problems are emerging. So companies should keep up “with the times” and be prepared not to be swept away by this wave. Quantum technology may spring to mind, as it is slowly but surely making its way into the computing world and is certain to become an absolutely normal part of our lives in some time. However, we may also find a positive application for businesses – it will open up new possibilities for them to solve their situations.

However, the ability to mimic reality also brings with it some negative things. Today we are faced with misinformation. In the case of mimicking the real world, it can be an outright distortion of reality to make you believe it.

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You might be wondering if the metaverse is something to look forward to anytime soon. According to a report from Gartner, a quarter of us could spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse by 2026. However, we need to remember that it will be just a replica of our world.


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