Hot news: NASCAR has its own NFTs on its own marketplace now

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Key message: NASCAR, the world-famous auto racing company jumps into the world of NFTs and launched also its very own NFT marketplace, along with thousands of free commemorative NFTs. 


NASCAR, one of the world’s leading auto racing and operating companies, is known for its extensive relationship with collectibles and NASCAR fans are all about them. However, the next step for NASCAR is collectibles in the metaverse. Depending on the reaction from fans on the initial launch of free NFTs, NASCAR’s representative calls the future opportunities of NFTs “limitless”. This may include NFTs with other NASCAR entities, such as the IndyCar Series or NHRA.

Free golden tickets

When the new RaceDayNFT marketplace opens, 10,000 commemorative ticket NFTs for the following Bristol race will be available for free. Of those, 500 will randomly include golden tickets. The NFTs feature audio or sound effects. There are four races and therefore four components to the digital collectibles, with the commemorative ticket as one. Any attendees of the event can scan a QR code, which opens up more NFT possibilities.

BMW also in NFTs

This past summer another automotive industry giant, BMW, launched its own NFT series. It focuses on digital collectibles of iconic models of their cars. Now with NASCAR’s own marketplace and NFTs, the industry continues its crypto acceptance.

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