Hot news: Mircea Popescu, the man who allegedly owned over a million BTC, has died

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Key message: Mircea Popescu, who was allegedly a bitcoin billionaire, died at the age of 41. We don’t know much about his life, and we know even less about his death. According to local authorities, he went swimming and was washed up off the coastal sector of Costa Rica’s Tramonto River.

Popescu and his freedom

Mircea Popescu, allegedly of Romanian origin, lived in anonymity and made himself known mainly in cases to take a dig at the US Securities and Exchange Commission. To do so, he ran a blogging platform where he celebrated Bitcoin, his “destiny”. Rumour has it that he held over a million coins, which gave him vast wealth. Furthermore, at the time when the crypto exchange Coinbase was starting, he founded the crypto exchange MPex.

However, his death has raised many questions. One of the main ones is whether there is a will on his wealth or if anyone has access to his BTC. If not, his bitcoins will be lost forever. Given his anonymity, it may seem almost impossible to know if he had close friends or possibly heirs. Many people have expressed concern that such a large-scale dumping could shake up the struggling market and are demanding to know what his plans are for his BTC.


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