Hot news: Maharashtra state to fight with blockchain against diploma certificate forgery

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Key message: the government of Maharashtra state in western India recently announced a partnership with LegitDoc, an Indian blockchain startup. The aim is to implement a credential verification system using Ethereum (ETH) blockchain technology that would be tamper-proof against diploma certificate forgery.

Maharashtra and the revolution in control

Although cryptocurrencies are viewed rather harshly in India, the union state of Maharashtra has partnered to use a public blockchain to check diploma certificates. Currently, certificates are checked manually, but the Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD) will push for a digital-only method of verification from next year. This partnership places India among the first countries to introduce e-governance for education.

India has seen a sharp rise in forgery of government-issued documents in the last 10 years. This has caused huge financial losses and also loss of reputation. But it must also be added that even though blockchain offers a whole new form of security and encryption, it still has its other pitfalls where it is vulnerable. Blockchain tries to eliminate many of these vulnerabilities, but there is still the human factor where a mistake can occur.

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