Hot news: Jack Dorsey hinted at Lightning Network integration to Twitter

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Key message: Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s founder, has hinted that it’s “only a matter of time” before Twitter integrates Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. He was responding to a fan request to build the network into BlueSky or Twitter. 

Jack Dorsey and Lightning Network

While Jack Dorsey didn’t say anything other than “Only a matter of time”, it’s quite possible that in the future one could assume that Twitter will one day extend support for Bitcoin. This was rumored back in February. However, the CTO, Ned Segal, responded to a direct query at the time that they were continuing to observe and investigate the matter, didn’t provide any details, but added that the company wanted to think about it further.

The truth is that the Twitter founder is known for his passion for the primary cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Last week, he talked about his intention to make Bitcoin “the native currency for the Internet,” adding that he is not considering other cryptocurrencies.

It should also be noted that the Twitter founder also runs Square. The company announced its investment in BTC last October and has since raised $420 million. The company is also investing in BTC mining using solar power and is considering the release of its own HW wallet.


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