Hot news: Craig Wright wins lawsuit against founder

Key message: Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, has finally won his legal case against founder of website, Cøbra. He demanded the removal of the whitepaper from the most famous BTC website. Now must stop hosting the Bitcoin whitepaper.

BTC whitepaper and Craig Wright

Craig Wright demanded the removal of whitepaper from and on copyright grounds. complied, but Cøbra (the pseudonym of the webmaster of refused. For this reason, Craig Wright launched a lawsuit against them.

If Cøbra wanted to assert their rights during the trial, they would have to reveal their identity during the trial. The pseudonymous webmaster, however, valued their anonymity more than their eventual victory. They thus decided to waive their right to defend themself or to present any arguments before the judge. This delay facilitated a standard victory for Craig Wright.

However, it does not mean that Wright is now recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto and the bitcoin whitepaper is his. He is known to have had to withdraw many of his lawsuits against people in the crypto community who decided to assert their rights. So this is a move that was made in the hope that no countersuit would be filed.


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